Welcome to My Blog!

My name is Gbogo Adebayo-Ige and I currently reside in Houston, TX.

I started this blog with a couple burning questions:

  • How does one figure out the BIG WHY in their lives?
  • How can one place themselves in the best position to achieving their dreams and purpose?

I firmly believe that we all have the capability of creating positive change on this world by discovering and achieving our purpose through personal growth. I am currently on that journey, and I am passionate about helping others around me start their own journeys toward achieving their potentials. I strive to help others change their mindset so that they can start the progress of bringing their lives to complete fulfillment.

If you’re someone who wants to use your gifts to lead and help others, this is the blog for you.

Every week, I promise to update the blog with a new post on a topic that helped me or that I am currently learning to apply to my own life. I hope to start a discussion about how that topic can help us on our growth journeys! I hope to provide you with the resources necessary to catalyze your awareness about your growth!

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I hope you all enjoy this blog! Have a blessed day!

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